Travel Medicine

Take preventive measures before and during your trip

Travelling can be an exciting adventure full of new experiences and lasting memories. It can also be a common time for people to get sick. With different standards of medical care, language barriers and the cost of health care abroad, protecting yourself and your family from common and preventable infections and health risks is important. Your first step in protecting yourself is to get the proper information from your Travel Medicine physician.

Travel Medicine consultation

Appointments are available with Dr. Aggarwal Monday through Friday. Please contact OakMed Family Health Team at 905.901.5111 or book an appointment online for a Travel Medicine consultation.

You will be asked to fill out a Pre-Travel Questionnaire that will ask for specific information about your trip, such as your itinerary, who is travelling, and how long you’ll be staying. You will also be asked to include a hard copy of your immunization record(s) for all those attending the consult. Once this form is complete and returned to us, you’ll need to call and book an appointment. Appointments will not be scheduled until this form is complete.

During your Travel Medicine consult, the doctor will provide you with relevant information and advice on the current recommendations for immunizations, prevention of communicable disease, and other health risks specific to the areas to which you are traveling.

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Consultation Fees and Cost of Vaccinations

Travel Medicine consultations are not covered by OHIP. A fee of $50.00 per consult will be charged at the time of check-in. This fee includes any written prescriptions provided to the patient(s) during the consult, as well as the cost for our nurses to administer any required vaccine(s). The costs for the vaccine(s) will be billed separately by your pharmacy. Please speak with your pharmacist for further details.

Before You Travel

Essential information on travel health risks and preventive measures

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